How the magic happens.

What we do:

We are inquiring minds, idea sparkers and solution producers. We listen, prod, reflect, develop and find the best mediums for your story.

How we do it:

Our starting point is you, your audience and your ideas. We research, inquire, listen and reflect.

We nudge, question and brainstorm until we see that “SPARK” – the unifying idea that conveys the story your audience needs to know.

We take that SPARK and develop it, creating unique solutions that inspire, inform and connect with your audience.

We tailor solutions to as many media as are needed—print, radio, broadcast, podcast, web, social media, interactive, special events.

Ensemble Media creates unique videos, animations, print collateral and interactive solutions. We help nonprofits, foundations and companies tell compelling stories, educate, and advocate for important causes.

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