A federal credit union approached us to help choose a new name and develop a branding strategy for their community-focused financial institution. The client found that their current name didn’t accurately define the credit union’s breadth of services and mission beyond its geographical location. A certified Community Development Financial Institution, they wanted a title and brand identity that emphasized the financial empowerment and social change philosophy of their organization.


A unique challenge of developing this new name and brand identity was the deep, communal history of the institution. Board members felt it was important that the credit union’s ethics and history weren’t lost with a new name.

Aha! Moment

Although the institution already had a strong identity, upheld by its financial empowerment, mission-based services, we discovered that there was very low brand and name recognition among its members. By conducting qualitative research, hearing from members directly and assessing their current demographic we understood that the credit union needed a very clear, strong brand.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Communications Assessment
  • Concept Development
  • Content Strategy
  • Logo Design
  • Messaging
  • Community
  • Economic Development


To resonate with membership, we knew that our response needed to be motivational, very simple and recognizable. Ultimately, we came up with the name Forward. Along with the name, we delivered a comprehensive brand identity, and a style guide that could be applied to all forms of media, a strategy that shared all of our research findings, and provided a roll out plan for the new brand.

forward multiple logos
Forward 3


We consulted with many people from the credit union to build out their brand identity. The strategy we developed is a reference tool they can use for marketing, outreach, or communications.

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