A managed site in a Cook County forest preserve


Plants of Concern is a program of the Chicago Botanic Garden. Its goal is to monitor rare and endangered species of plants in Illinois. This monitoring happens in large part through the efforts of trained volunteers, or citizen scientists. 


Plants of Concern wanted to enable volunteers to complete this training program online and enable volunteers to use the newly designed mobile app to collect this important data. They needed to figure out how to deliver a wide-range of content–everything from basic botany principles to complex data collection methods that require estimation–in an engaging e-learning environment.

Aha! Moment

We determined that a combination of field footage of volunteers conducting data collection and animations that break down the content into digestible pieces would enable volunteers to visualize how exactly to carry out the work. 


We used a combination of drone footage, 4K video, archival photos and original animations over the six training modules. We also produced an outreach video about Plants of Concern that is used as an orientation and for outreach and fundraising purposes.


  • 508 and ADA Accessibility
  • Animation
  • Brand Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Field Production
  • Online Learning
  • Scriptwriting
  • Teaching and Learning Materials
  • Agriculture / Environment
  • Education


Plants of Concern now has a comprehensive remote training program that provides volunteers the context and detail they need to conduct data collection independently. The videos are accessible at any time so they can refer to them when question arise.

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