Celebrating its 15-year anniversary, the Campaign Legal Center wanted to reinvigorate its brand. This coincided with a need to raise awareness about the critical work of the organization, its impact, and relevance for the immediate future in two key areas: voter rights and campaign reform.


The client wanted to leverage its refreshed brand and also find a meaningful way to articulate the institution’s connection to civil rights history and its importance to upholding these rights for America’s future. Because the practice of law is what drives CLC’s work, they also wanted to feature litigators, community partners and legal interns, all within the brief format of a 90-second video spot. Past outreach videos featured its team talking about its work, but they wanted something more conceptual that could communicate the legal system and ethics they uphold.

Aha! Moment

We figured out how to translate the CLC mission and history into a compact visual format by combining text, image and story with emotional reach. Through this approach we were able to translate complex legal language into a message that speaks to an informed but non-expert audience.

  • Animation
  • Brand Strategy
  • Concept Development
  • Field Production
  • Messaging
  • Motion Graphics
  • Post Production
  • Scriptwriting
  • Storyboarding
  • Advocacy



Using a mix of hand drawn animation, moving text, motion graphics and b-roll, we wove together concepts with real people and impact. By visually representing the text at the core of CLC’s ideology with photo snapshots of key historical moments related to its work, we translated the density of CLC’s legal language into an accessible and emotionally expressive story.

The video begins by highlighting key moments in the history of American democracy to direct viewers toward the importance of CLC’s work to preserve the democratic process. Next, representational imagery and text convey how democracy is threatened on a daily basis.

We then paired b-roll of staff working onsite with words that affirm its key values to demonstrate how CLC works tirelessly to ensure the rights of the everyday voter.



CLC used the video to kick off its 15th Anniversary event, and has continued to circulate it for fundraising and outreach efforts. The video provided a means to solidify CLC’s new brand identity and reaffirm its commitment to democracy.

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