The Chicago Jobs Council (CJC) moves people out of poverty through employment using on-the-ground expertise, advocacy, and capacity-building.


40 years of change is difficult to summarize! CJC needed to both establish a strong 40th anniversary theme and also find a way to capture all the ways the organization evolved and grew.

Aha! Moment

After a conversation with a longtime team member, we determined that telling CJC’s story through the decades would enable them to highlight pivotal, transformational moments and also feature important contributors and members of their network.


Together with CJC team members, we conducted interviews with people from each decade to help us “reach into the vault” and find the game-changing moments from each decade. We also developed a style guide that CJC could use to produce a variety of outreach collateral, e-blasts, and more. CJC knew that interviewing just four people from forty years couldn’t fully represent its history. We incorporated motion graphics segments into each decade with archival stills and key words that helped situate each personal story. We used clips from the interviews to produce teasers leading up to the 40th anniversary celebration and annual meeting. The full length stories were then shared with virtual attendees during the event. We also edited together a shorter compilation video that was shared afterwards.

  • Animation
  • Brand Strategy
  • Concept Development
  • Content Strategy
  • Field Production
  • Logo Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Advocacy
  • Non-profit / Philanthropy


The Chicago Jobs Council met and exceeded its annual meeting fundraising goals. Through the style guide and anniversary logo we designed, CJC was also equipped to produce a variety of other outreach tools over the course of the year.

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